A downloadable game for Windows

Current version is A1.08 (2016-06-30)


2 New maps

Translations for the Main Menu (coming for the ingame later)

Bug fixes.

The game is completely free. You can donate if you want to support us to make the game better. And this is a choose you don't have to do that! but will be very thanksful!

The game will be updated at least Every month. An update might come unexpected so make sure you check the patcher!

NOTE: The Screenshots are old! and that the game/installer has no VIRUS! We will update the screenshots later one day!


This game is a prototype of a FPS Multiplayer 3D game built on Unity3d, Its using Photon Networking so it makes that you don't need to port any routers just choose what server you want it to be located and it will set it up.

System Requirements:

CPU:Dual-Core (Quad-Core Recommended) (Single-Core does work but laggy)

RAM:512MB (2GB Recommended)
OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (Service pack 1 Recommended), Windows Vista, Windows XP
Video Card:Unknown
Sound Card:Yes
Free Disk Space:4 GB (8GB Recommended)

20-27fps on highest with Windows XP running AMD FX 8320 only using 1 core

and 512mb ram + 512mb graphic card (VMWare) The affects may not be right as its VMWare.

The patcher right now has Translations of German,Polish,English and Swedish

Install instructions

To install.

1. Simply launch SetupFroseIA.exe

2. Pick where you want it to be!

3. Launch FroseIAPatcher.exe (FroseIA.exe on desktop/shortcut)

Internet connection needed! for downloading patches and the game itself!

Recommended to use Infinite/Unlimited download speed in options.


SetupFroseIA.exe 17 MB


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Nice game! But i really wish the Player base would be higher.

Hi glad you like it! We havn't really worked on it so much we mostly have been inactive. A new update was suppose to come out last year with new login system and more maps and fixes and such. Everything is nearly done but we decided to be inactive due to personal life and such.

Hey Bro, Why is your Game is not working.